About Wiezorek & Geye

Wiezorek & Geye is the next generation of estate planning, with a focus on educating our community on how an estate plan is a gift for the ones we love. Not only are we two lawyers, but we are sisters, moms, and wives. We formed Wiezorek & Geye with the intention of serving our clients with the same purpose, care, and thoroughness that we took in drafting our own estate plans, as well as how we would take care of each other’s families if the worst were to happen.
We’ve noticed that many people don’t really understand what estate planning is, how important it is, or how it could make a significant positive impact on their families. Primarily, we are talking about trusts and wills. Estate planning can be important for everyone, but it is vital for parents, people who own homes, people who have businesses, in addition to many more reasons.
Ultimately, our goal is bringing peace of mind with an airtight estate plan that actually works. The reason to set up an estate plan isn’t for ourselves – it’s for the people in our lives that we care most about.
Call us to schedule a free 15-minute introduction. We can answer whether an estate plan is right for you, as well as address questions about trust administration and the court process of probate. We would love the opportunity to help you and your family.