How to Navigate the Probate Process

Probate is simply a legal process that authenticates and validates the content of a will. It may also refer to a legal proof bearing the court’s approval seal that is issued to an authorized entity for a will’s execution — in this case, referred to as the executor.

In scenarios where there is no will—when a person dies intestate—the court appoints an administrator to act as an executor. This entity oversees the estate of the deceased and pays off the deceased’s outstanding debts.

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Probate deals explicitly with a deceased’s will, assets, and property. The process typically involves the following:
  • Submission of proof that a will is valid
  • Collecting the deceased assets
  • Payments of taxes and debts the deceased might have accrued
  • Asset distribution as assigned by the court or dictated in the will

To ensure a smooth process, families hire probate lawyers to handle the probate procedures on their behalf. As a top law firm in Southern California, we offer excellent probate services to families in the region. You can reach out to our team of state-licensed attorneys for a hassle-free probate process.

Why is Probate Important?

The primary importance of probate is to give legality to the will and authorize the will executor to transfer or distribute assets as desired by the deceased. There is more to the probate process, however, which is why we are here to help you and your family navigate this process.

Proper Wealth Transfer and Debt Settlement

Probate is particularly appropriate for individuals who have acquired a significant amount of wealth or assets — the specific value differs according to state laws. When these individuals die, their wealth and assets may cause confusion or conflicts among family members/heirs. Families often need the help of a probate lawyer and experts like us to ensure the proper transfer of wealth to individual beneficiaries.

Often, before distributing the estate, the debts of the deceased need to be settled. Resolving debts helps avoid the loss of or damages to valuable property.

Alleviates Stress

After the death of a loved one, relatives are in mourning and under significant stress. Dealing with the complexities of the probate process should be the last thing on their minds. Let us help you through this process with our many years of probate law experience. We can take the stress out of the probate process, so you can focus on other pressing matters.

The Deceased’s Best Interests are Prioritized

While the will states who is entitled to each asset, the probate process ensures the guidelines in the will are executed. Our team of experts at Wiezorek & Geye provides you with the best probate practices to ensure your best interests come first.

Avoidance of Conflict

As probate gives legal backing to a will, it also helps avoid future misunderstandings within the family. Whatever is willed to an individual is the specific intention of the deceased. As such, there is no need for family members to contest assets and property with one another.

Even with probate already granted, you might still need the services of probate experts in order to have a smooth process of wealth transfer and avoid conflict within the family. The best probate lawyers are also experts in dispute resolution. If you have any questions or need help with the probate process, please contact us.

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