Testimonials Our Clients Love Us

I would highly recommend Estate Planners, Wiezorek & Geye who recently assisted me in setting up a Revocable Living Trust. Besides their professionalism and knowledge they add a special quality to their work by taking an interest in knowing their clients’ individual needs. I was very satisfied.


We loved working with Danielle and Shannon to create our trust. Not only do we feel completely safe and protected in respect to our finances and assets- we feel like we are protecting our children's interests as well. Danielle and Shannon approach the process not just as attorneys, but as parents of young children. Their Kids Protection Plan feels like a gift to our kids; should the worst happen, we would not need to worry about the care and safety of our children.


The process of creating a family trust always seemed so complicated and daunting that we kept putting it off. But Danielle and Shannon provided us with a wonderful roadmap, detailed but simple steps to take, and they answered all of our questions completely. And all with in a very professional yet personal atmosphere - we highly recommend Wiezorek and Geye!