The Next Generation of Estate Planning

Areas of Practice


We focus on giving each client a personalized experience. We start with a working meeting to understand our client’s individual needs, desires, and values, and to learn about their family dynamics and their assets. Then we spend time educating our clients on their options. We then customize each estate plan to ensure it meets every goal. Finally, we have a system in place to ensure each and every plan will actually work when you or your loved ones need it the most.

We work for clients with all types of needs:

  • Parents: Both traditional two-parent families and single parents wishing to provide for and protect their children

  • Unmarried couples: solidifying their relationship through proper planning

  • Blended families and second marriages: negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations

  • Estate executors and Beneficiaries: navigating the court process of Probate

  • Family members or Trustees: carrying out the legacy left behind through a Trust Administration

We would love to work for you to design a comprehensive estate plan to protect your children, protect your legacy, and provide for your needs in case of incapacity.


Well-drafted trusts generally provide an orderly administration of an estate in the privacy of an office without having to go through the court process of probate.  During the trust administration, however, certain legal duties and formalities are required of the successor trustee—duties and formalities of which the successor trustee may be unaware. Successor trustees may also come across unforeseen or complex legal and tax issues.  If you have been named successor trustee, we can help ensure that the trust is administered smoothly and properly in a friendly, compassionate environment.


Probate can be a long and difficult court process required at a time when your attention should be focused only on the ones you love. When probate is unavoidable, we can ease the burden and help you through the process.